TAT Technologies, Ltd. Located in Gedera, Israel. 

TAT Technologies, Ltd. is a diversified technology-based engineering and industrial company specializing in design, development and manufacture of Heat Exchangers, Cooling Systems, Cold Plates, Vapor-Cycle Air Conditioning Systems (for both land and airborne applications) flow accessories, etc. Another facet of our activities is manufacture and overhaul of Secondary and Emergency Power Systems for F16, Jet Fuel Starters for F16, Fuel Controls, Turbines and Valves etc. We also design and manufacture Air Conditioning and NBC Systems for military and civil applications such as communication shelters, armored vehicles in various configurations for custom applications. The company employs about 210 employees.


Piedmont Aviation Component Services Inc., located in Kernersville (near Greensboro), North Carolina, USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of TAT. Piedmont Aviation Component Services offers extensive component maintenance and overhaul capability for the commercial, regional, corporate and general aviation industry. Piedmont is a FAA and EASA Part 145 Repair Station with nearly 60 years of experience in propeller and landing gear overhauls, and over 20 years of experience in Honeywell (formerly Allied Signal) auxiliary power units (APU) and related component overhauls. Piedmont's Aviation Parts Services Division maintains a full complement of items, including Line Replaceable Units (LRU), Components and Piece Parts for Commercial, Regional, Corporate and General Aviation aircraft. Employs about 130 employees.

Limco-Airepair, Inc. Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S.A. is a wholly owned TAT subsidiary in U.S.A.
The company is active in design and manufacture of heat transfer equipment for aerospace applications. Being an FAA/EASA approved Repair Station, this Company repairs and overhauls Heat Exchangers and ducting for Air Systems, Engines and APU's for military and civil aircraft applications. Employs about 160 employees.

Turbochrome Ltd., located in Qiryat Gat, Israel, is wholly owned subsidiary of TAT. Turbochrome provide MRO services in the area of jet engine overhaul, which includes the overhaul and coating of jet engine components such as turbine vanes and blades, fan blades, variable inlet guide vanes and afterburner flaps. Turbochrome is certified by the FAA and EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency). Employs about 90 employees”

Parent Company 

FIMI Opportunity Group

Founded in 1996, the FIMI Opportunity group of Funds is Israel's leading private equity firm. Since its inception, FIMI has managed five funds with an aggregate of approximately $2.0 billion in committed capital. To date, FIMI has invested in excess of $1.5 billion in 65 transactions and has successfully completed 38 exits.
FIMI is highly involved in defining and executing the strategy of its portfolio companies and provides support in all aspects of the business leveraging its experience and network. To-date FIMI made investments and was the controlling shareholder of companies in a wide variety of industries including  automotive, aerospace, software, defense, electronics, plastic products, general industrial, logistic services, building materials and other.


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