We are proud to have these outstanding customers among many others:

 TAT Defined as Excellent Supplier
 Over 25 years of cooperation
 Manufacturer of F16 EPU, ECS Components and Heat Exchangers
 Sole source for F16 Hydrazine Tanks
 TAT Defined as Preferred Supplier
 More than 23 years of cooperation
Manufacturer of F-15 Bleed Air and Oil System Heat Exchanger
 More than 22 years of cooperation
Sole source supplier of Precoolers for all Cessna Bsuiness Jets (11 Heat Exchangers)
TAT Defined as Preferred Supplier
 Excellence in Quality and Delivery

 24 years of cooperation
 13 types of Heat Exchangers developed and manufactured by TAT for Bleed Air and ECS
 Precooler for Airbus A340-500/600 Aircraft

 Over 26 years of cooperation.
 Sole source supplier for 3 types of fuel pumps.
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