1969 - TAT founded in Bnei-Brak, Israel.

1973 - Operations transferred to Gedera. Manufacture of Fuel and Oxygen System components and Cockpit
          Instrumentation for Mirage family aircraft.

1975 - Manufacture of Fuel and Oxygen System components and Cockpit Instrumentation for Israeli Kfir fighter.

1978 - Manufacture of Kfir fighter Heat Exchangers and ECS.

1982 - Beginning of Manufacture of Heat Exchanger and Air Valves for F16 fighter.

1985 - Beginning of Manufacture of Emergency Power Unit for F16 fighter.

1989 - Beginning of Manufacture of Precooler for Cessna Aircraft Co.

1992 - Acquisition by TAT Technologies Ltd.of Limco Co. followed by Airepair Co. and Aeroduct Co.

1995 - Development and Manufacture of Heat Exchangers for Bombardier Global Express and CRJ-700 aircraft for 

1999 - Development and Manufacture of the Airbus 340-500/600 Precooler for Liebherr-Aerospace.

2000 - Beginning of manufacture of Vapor Cycle Air Conditioning Systems for military applications.

2005 - Acquisition by Limco Airepair, Inc. of Piedmont Aviation Services.2007 - Limco-Piedmont Inc. is established and

2007 - TAT is aquired by KMN Holdings Ltd.

2008 - TAT aquires Bental Industries from Merom Golan, Isarel

2009 - Limco-Piedmont Aquires 40% of Aerspace Products International.

2013 - TAT is acquired by Fimi opportunity funds

2015 - Acquisition by TAT Technologies Ltd. of Turbochrome Ltd.




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