Liquid & Dual Phase Heat Exchangers
MonoBlock Heat Exchanger Air Cooled PAO Heat Exchanger Engine Mounted Fuel Cooled Oil Cooler Evaporator
F-15 Transmission Oil Cooler Fuel/Air Heat Exchanger Engine Oil Cooler Fuel Submerged Hydraulic Heat Exchanger

TAT Technologies has a wide experience in the field of liquid and dual phase heat exchangers.

TAT develops and manufactures of Airborne oil coolers for a wide variety of applications: hydraulic systems, Helicopter gear boxes, aircraft  engines and more.
we offer all types of fin & plate oil coolers - air/oil, fuel/oil and water/oil.

Among our customers you will find some of the world leaders such as Boeing (F-15, V-22, 737, 767),Snecma, Parker, Hannifin, Eaton, etc.





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